Losers World:

Bringing The World Together, One Loser at a Time.

I’m a loser.
Who are you?
Are you a loser too?
Then there’s a pair of us.
Don’t tell!
They’d banish us you know.

Welcome to Losers World. What made Milwaukee famous, has made me a loser. I am your Australopithecus Non-Conformist host.

Someone once told me that you are only a loser if you think that you are. Wrong! Some people are losers and don’t even know it, or won’t admit to it.

There are three kinds of losers, the first kind are the ones that know they are losers, and accept the fact that they are losers. Some of them even take pride in it, and brag about their Loser Pride.

A few of them even go so far as to buy a loser domain name, and create a whole website devoted to it, such as this one.

The second type of loser is the person that doesn’t even realize that they are a loser, or just won’t admit to it. People who discovered Loser's World on a web search, or heard about it, but refused to come visit it because they think, “I am not a loser, why would I go there” fit into the second category.

Dead beat parents that refuse to take care of their kids, or pay child support are also type two losers. People that can’t hold a job for more then a few months, you guessed it, type two losers. People that are always broke, but still manage to smoke two packs of cigarettes, and drink a twelve pack of beer a night fit the type two losers also.

The third type is a rare one, they are not a loser, but call themselves that to get people thinking. They wear t-shirts, or arm bands that say Total Loser, and people think, boy that person is either really self confident, and self assured, or they really are a total loser.

This works best when worn by guys, and viewed by women. Women like it either way, if you are self confident and self assured they want to be with you. If you really are a loser it gives them something to complain to their friends about, and if there is one thing that woman really enjoy doing, it is complaining. It's in their DNA as comedian Gallagher says.

(This site may be offensive to some. Many snowflakes are easily offended, there will be no effort made here to coddle them. The world can be a scary place, and if Loser’s World offends you, perhaps you can hide under your bed and think happy thoughts.

Maybe if you cry mommy will give you a hug, and make it ALLLL better.)

For the rest of you, enjoy your stay as you enter the mind of a loser.

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