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How to become a Better Writer

Become a better writer

Let your writing be your key to self-expression.

I have decided to occupy my time by trying my hand at writing fiction stories. Even though I am a total loser in real life, from behind my keyboard letting my written words express my thoughts and creativity I can become a great writer.

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What is a Total Loser?

What is a Total Loser?

A Total Loser’s Guide to Being a Loser.

A Total Loser is someone who fails constantly, especially a person with bad luck, or poor skills. Total Losers not only fail constantly, they fail ”....

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Locked down in Loserville

Stop Bullying

Lately I have been feeling like a total loser locked down in Loserville.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “This virus pandemic sucks.”....

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How do we stop bullying?

Stop Bullying

When you are just an average ordinary person, you are just a ghost, another face in the crowd.

Your fellow average Joe’s may try to establish dominance among themselves, to see who is king of the hill, but they dare not try those antics with the ... Read more here...

Novel Coronavirus:

Novel Coronavirus

Every 100 years or so we seem to be inflicted with a large pandemic, and a large number of people lose their lives.

The Novel Corona virus which was actually getting a foothold in China in late December of 2019, was definitely alive and kicking in ... Read more here...

Functioning Alcoholic:

Functioning Alcoholic

I have been called many names in my life. Loser of course was the most common. Some of them who were slightly less mentally challenged were capable of using more syllables in their speech, and called me a Total Loser.

I have been called a pervert, and horndog due to my fixation with... Read more here...

Loser Friends:

Loser Yacht

Say what you want about having loser friends, but if you go along to see where the journey takes you it can be quite entertaining at times.

Take it from a total loser, loser friends are among the most memorable in the world

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The Angry Loser:

Angry Loser

It seems like nearly everyone these days has a blog, or their own little plot of land in cyber space to let off some steam.

This obsure little domain is mine. Here I would like to share with you some of the things that push my buttons, and mess with my serenity making me an Angry Loser.

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