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Bringing The World Together, One Loser at a Time.

Losers World 2.0 The Resurrection. It was back in 2004 that I purchased my first domain name, www.losersworld.com. I built a website of several pages, and kept making changes, and additions to it until 2008.

Then I became busy with work, and didn’t have time to mess with it anymore, and let the domain name expire. I regretted it not long after that, and tried to buy it back again, but alas someone else bought it, and parked it.

I checked on it often, but it was never available. Then in mid-2017 it was once again available. For almost 10 years I waited for this moment. Now what was mine, is mine again. As luck would have it, I saved a copy of most of the files that were on my website to a disc. I don’t know why, but I kept that disc in my possession the whole time.

At first I recreated it just as it was in the past. This website looked great on a desk top computer, but it was horrible looking on a mobile phone.

I left it parked for a couple years looking the same as it did so many years ago.

Now I have decided to rebuild Loser’s World into something different. Something more modern that is responsive to all devises.

Enjoy your journey into the mind of a loser.

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