Novel Coronavirus:

Keep yourself protected from the coming pandemic.

Novel Coronavirus

“It's in the misery of some unnamed slum that the next killer virus will emerge.” ~ Barack Obama

Every 100 years or so we seem to be inflicted with a large pandemic, and a large number of people lose their lives.

During the year 1720 we had a Bubonic Plague known as the Plague of Marseille which started in Marseille, France and was responsible for the death of almost 100,000 people according to Wikipedia... View it here .

This plague was small potatoes compared to the Black Plague which occurred in the 1300’s and was responsible for between 75 – 200 million deaths, give or take, in Eurasia.

The year of 1820 brought us a Cholera pandemic that took place in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Cholera causes large volumes of watery diarrhea with a fishy odor to it, and vomiting to occur as well. Fun stuff. This pandemic was responsible for over 100,000 deaths.

Then in 1920 Mother Nature really smacked us around like a redheaded step child who ate the last slice of Cherry Pie. What a total loser that kid was.

Influenza was the tool in Mother Nature’s arsenal used to eradicate a large portion of the population that was wreaking havoc on nature’s orderly design.

This 1920 Spanish flu pandemic was responsible for infecting over 500 million, and prematurely terminating the life of over 100 million people worldwide. This pandemic was the most catastrophic in recorded history.

Now here in the present time a Novel Corona virus which was actually getting a foothold in China in late December of 2019, was definitely alive and kicking in January of 2020. This virus has yet to be declared a pandemic, but this highly contagious Novel Coronavirus is spreading globally at a rapid rate.

As of February 7, 2020 at least 630 people have died, and more than 31,400 people have been infected worldwide. The World Health Organization has declared the Novel Corona Virus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. So far they have refrained from using the word pandemic.

This virus allegedly started in a market in Wuhan, China that sold seafood, meat, and live animals for human consumption.

There are conspiracy theorists who believe that this virus was created in a lab based on a research paper by an academic institution in New Delhi, India that stated it had an “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag.”

Although it was quickly withdrawn, which only helped to fuel the fires of the conspiracy theorists, they still believed it was a bioweapon created in China's first Biosafety Level 4 lab, the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which investigates "the most dangerous pathogens,"

This theory has been dispelled multiple times by many virologists in different countries.

We all know that world governments are engaging in secret research activities which include manipulation of viruses, “To create vaccines for them, not to create biological weapons”. They are some shady people.

I will probably be killed for writing this post, big brother is always watching. So if you never see another article here, you will know what happened to this hapless total loser living in a loser’s world.

Do not panic, as Embracing Nirvana says, "We can let go of stressful situations, and embrace our inner peace".

It would be a good idea to wear a quality n95 mask to help protect yourself from the Novel Corona virus, or just to prevent you from touching your face.

Also get some hand sanitizer to kill any viruses on your hands from contaminated surfaces you may have touched. You may want to stock up now, they will be in short supply when the virus comes to your neighborhood.

If you are truly paranoid get a full hazmat suit.

Avoid sick people, and exercise common sense.

An extra bottle of Whiskey couldn’t hurt either my fellow Functioning Alcoholics .

Be wise total losers, and protect yourself from the Novel Coronavirus.

It is better to live in a loser’s world than catch this nasty bug.

Are you in fear of the Novel Coronavirus?

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