The Mindful Loser:

What is a Mindful Loser?

Mindful Loser

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness.” ~John Kabat-Zinn

Are you aware that the alpha’s among us believe that they are superior to you? Let’s do something about that my fellow mindful losers.

According to Embracing Nirvana’s, Monkey Mind, “Mindfulness means focusing our attention on the present moment. This has a much deeper meaning than many people think. It means to focus your attention completely on the present moment to the seclusion of all else.”

Being just a total loser living in a losers world, I am mindful every day of my unfavorable status in society.

I am just a reject, an undesirable person by the standards of the many. Fortunately in the opinions of the few, I am an equal to them. It is good to have loser friends.

Here in the earth life system we all know how the game is played. For many the game is, “He who has the gold makes the rules.”

For those of us who rank among the lower echelons of society, determined by the elite among us, our position on the social scale is underneath the feet of the self-proclaimed elites.

They believe your social status is determined by their opinion of your appearance, your choice of clothing, and even the car you drive. This mindful loser knows how they play their game.

I see them looking down their noses at me as I go about my business not bothering anybody. I hear their snide remarks behind my back. Is it because they lack the courage to say such things to the face of a mindful loser with nothing to lose?

The mindful loser is paying attention to the big picture. We may try to hide our observations behind, being a functioning alcoholic, but we know the way society as a whole thinks of us.

Some people will allow the constant mistreatment they receive to make them an angry loser, while others take it in stride, and accept it as part of their lives.

Some of the alpha elites will take their bullying too far and force their victims to react with furious anger. For teens, and young adults with less mental ability for rational thought this will end in disaster.

As far as I can remember, every school shooting had one thing in common. That one thing is, every trigger squeezer was a victim of bullying. Don’t focus on gun control to stop school shootings.

One simple thing will instantly stop school shootings. All they have to do is stop bullying. Until they choose to stop bullying school shootings will continue.

What do I know, I am just a mindful loser. It’s not like I pay attention to what is going on in the world or anything.

The biggest news story here in the first quarter of 2020 is the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. I have no doubt that this will continue through the rest of the year as well.

Living in Thailand I am mindfully aware of the close proximity to China, the location of where the virus started. I am aware of the safety precautions that I must take to help avoid exposure to the Coronavirus – Covid-19.

This virus is spreading rapidly, precautions should be taken worldwide.

Stay healthy Mindful Losers.

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